Skilled Counsel For Commercial Lease Agreements And Disputes

A lease can be a valuable investment for both business owners and landlords, but they may also involve complex financial and legal issues. Laurence L. Hummer, A Law Corporation, facilitates leases ranging from office spaces to high-end retail properties in California. Whether you face a dispute or seek legal insight before signing a lease, our firm can assist you.

Meticulously Reviewing The Terms Of The Lease

Before signing a commercial lease agreement, it is vital to understand the following terms:

  • Your obligations toward property maintenance and repair costs
  • Your share of property expenses, including utilities, if applicable
  • Penalties for late rent payments
  • Permitted and prohibited property usages such as subletting
  • Which spaces are communal versus privately leased
  • The hours during which employees can access the building
  • The duration of the lease and options for renewal
  • Termination clauses and dispute resolution methods

Our law firm carefully reviews commercial leases to detect potential weaknesses. When possible, we negotiate or amend terms to strengthen the agreement. Laurence L. Hummer aims to protect our clients from legal problems regarding properties and contracts. He also exercises due diligence for clients seeking permits for retail businesses and other parties in real estate transactions. Our lawyer's attention to detail frequently allows our clients to carry out their commercial tenancy plans peacefully.

Resolve A Commercial Lease Conflict

Unfortunately, commercial leases may lead to disputes between the landlord and the tenant. In such cases, our accomplished real estate attorney can represent you in litigation, mediation or arbitration to reach a fair solution.

Possible causes of the dispute may be:

  • An alleged violation of the lease by either the landlord or the tenant
  • Ambiguity regarding each party's contractual obligations
  • Undisclosed property flaws or risks
  • Issues regarding the title and underlying documents

Many commercial lease disputes require a return to the terms of the agreement. Regardless of the cause, we will closely examine the original contract and advocate on your behalf.

Consult With Our Professional Real Estate Attorney

Laurence L. Hummer, A Law Corporation, understands commercial leases from both a real estate and a business perspective. We are committed to giving you astute counsel and representation to protect your interests. Call 310-438-6124 or contact our Los Angeles law firm online to receive a free preliminary consultation.