Purchasing And Selling Commercial Properties

With high financial stakes, commercial real estate transactions warrant caution. Buyers and sellers alike should ensure that they are receiving the best value for the property – and that they are aware of all risks that the property may carry.

At Laurence L. Hummer, A Law Corporation, we advise clients regarding their transactions. We conduct thorough research into the property before each party moves forward. We offer professional contract drafting, review and negotiations. Our firm serves real estate investors, commercial developers and businesses that seek to buy, sell or lease property in Los Angeles and Southern California.

How Buyers Can Benefit From Legal Counsel

When purchasing a commercial property, buyers should know its potential advantages and long-term consequences. Sellers might fail to disclose or detect important information. For this reason, buyers can rely on a lawyer to fully research the property's history and status.

Our founding attorney is ready to investigate your target commercial property for potential issues such as:

  • Zoning or land use restrictions
  • Pre-existing liens
  • Easements or encroachment
  • Property defects or hazards
  • Title ownership disputes

Commercial Sellers' Duties And Liability

Selling commercial real estate is not as simple as posting a listing and accepting the highest offer. In fact, sellers could expose themselves to a future lawsuit if they do not complete the sale properly.

As your dedicated lawyer, Laurence L. Hummer can assist you with your legal obligations and other needs, which may include:

  • Inspecting and appraising the property
  • Disclosing certain facts that may affect the property value, such as property hazards, as is required by law
  • Identifying title or boundary issues
  • Reviewing the purchase and sale agreement
  • Collecting and transferring the necessary documents at closing

Maximize The Potential Of Your Transaction

Before closing the sale, buyers need to know whether they can legally use the property as intended. Sellers need to fulfill their due diligence. Both parties also need to determine whether they are likely gaining the value they expect from their real estate investment.

Our law firm is prepared to find the answers to your commercial or residential property concerns. Since the early 1980s, Laurence L. Hummer has facilitated multimillion-dollar real estate transactions. Allow us to represent your interests by contacting us online or by calling 310-438-6124 to request a consultation.