Resolve Your Business Litigation Matter In Your Best Interests

The notion of filing or defending against a lawsuit may seem like a hassle or an unnecessary burden. However, litigation is a tool that you can use to protect your rights and interests from the actions of another party. If you face a conflict with a partner, customer, tenant, supplier or other party, litigation could be the right option to reach your goals.

At Laurence L. Hummer, A Law Corporation, we work to ensure that our clients are fully aware of what all is involved and are well-prepared for trial. Our skilled Los Angeles lawyer is ready to represent you in any potential business disputes.

We offer strong, detailed representation for business litigation cases such as:

  • Breach of contract
  • Construction disputes between property owners and contractors
  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Shareholder or partnership disputes and business partitioning
  • Failure to pay for goods or services

For each case, we start with the facts. Laurence L. Hummer searches for the root of the issue to find a reasonable solution that benefits our client — plaintiff or defendant.

5 Steps To Prepare For Civil Trial

A successful case typically requires patience and strong preparation. If you sense that you may soon face litigation, it is important to call your legal advocate as early in your case as possible. Our experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance as you work toward a favorable resolution.

To strengthen your case before going to court, we recommend that you:

  1. Restrict communication with the other party besides what is necessary
  2. Avoid discussing the dispute verbally, in writing or on social media
  3. Collect documents, emails and financial statements that may be associated
  4. Avoid admitting fault, apologizing or treating the other party with hostility
  5. Review the facts of the case and form a strategy with your business lawyer

Call Us For Thorough Representation

Laurence L. Hummer is a seasoned litigator who has served California business clients since the 1980s. We know how to approach business disputes in a cost-effective, flexible manner in an effort to achieve results that align with your business goals. Contact us online or call 310-438-6124 for a consultation at no cost to you.